Large Format Posters

Posters command attention. Whether a poster is advertising a new film at your local theatre, an event in a shop window, or is reproducing an art piece in your home, one can’t help but take notice. Our variety of large format papers and finishes are sure to suit whatever your project demands!


Large Format Poster


How big could my finished poster be?

Your poster could be ~51” x as long as you want it to be.

What should I consider when designing a Large Format Poster?

1. All non-vector graphics should be 300ppi resolution at the full intended printed dimensions; lower resolution will result in pixelation/fuzziness
2. All text should be converted to outlines (vector shapes) or flattened so that it’s no longer editable
3. All graphic elements must be embedded

What type of use should I consider when producing a Large Format Poster?

Large Format Posters are typically used for either short-medium term promotion or art prints. Standard Large Format paper products are not meant for outdoor display. We carry several material options for outdoor use, so when submitting your order, let us know the end-use of your prints and we’ll recommend the best material for the job!