Label Rolls


Can the artwork print to the edge of the page?

Yes the artwork can run off the edge of the sheet, your file should be set up with a .125" bleed.

Should I submit a .jpg file to get the best possible print quality?

While we can produce a poster from your .jpg it will not be the best it could be. Our suggestions to you is that you create a .pdf from the program that you originally designed the artwork in.

What is the best way for me to get my message out to my audience now that I have printed posters?

There are many great ways to get your message out. First ask your various community members if they would be okay with you putting up a poster in their business. However if that all seems daunting you could contact out postering department at to discuss your options.

How big could my finished poster be?

Depending the material on which it's printed, we are capable of printing up to ~62" wide with no seams.

What type of use should I consider when producing a “Large Format Poster”?

This type of product is typically meant for short term indoor or outdoor use and is not meant to handle weather. There are different types of materials that can be chosen to compensate for weather or constant direct sunshine.

What types of Sandwich Board signs do you stock?

We carry two types of sandwich board – a 10mm PVC board (24”x32” or 18.75”x23.5”) and a black steel a-frame sized to facilitate two 24”x36” coroplast inserts.
Don’t see the style you’re looking for? Need chalkboard or dry erase writability, or some other customization? Let us know what you’re after and we’ll help you come up with a solution!

Am I limited to a specific size or shape of label?

We can produce your label in any shape or style. Short runs we can contour cut them and for longer runs we can produce a special die that you are able to reuse as many time as you might need.

What are the things I should consider when looking at window clings as a solution?

Window cling should not be a long term solution and instead should be changed out over the seasons.

What should I consider when designing a tent card?

Your design should be bright and concise, do not fill it with too much information or your will not achieve your desired effect.

What is the most common type of brochure?

The most common brochure is a roll fold but there are many other types of brochures, such a z fold or a gate fold.

Can I create tickets that are in colour or are they only available in Black and White?

We have many different options available to you. Thermal type tickets are Black and White, but we can also create full colour tickets as well.

What are banners made of?

Our banners are produced on a thick durable 13oz matte white vinyl. This material is water resistance, durable and is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. All banners are produced with silver or gold grommets placed every two feet.

What are popular sizes for banners?

The most popular sizes are 6 ft x 3ft and 8 ft x 3 ft.

Will my banner stand come with all of the necessary hardware and carrying case?

Yes, all of our retractable banner stands come with all of the necessary hardware and cases.

How thick is the banner material?

Our retractable material is .37mm

Will the spine of my booklet crack if I choose a heavy solid colour?

No if we feel that there is a chance for cracking we will crease the cover ahead of binding to minimize that issue.

Do I need to provide you printers spreads or single sheets ?

We would suggest you supply your files with bleed as a single page .pdf and we will impose the file for you.

What unique types of business cards are you able to produce?

We produce a many unique solutions for business cards. Some of those are Double Thick, we offer different types of foil and lamination. Let’s talk and together we can dream up something unique.

What colours do you have available for foiling?

We have many great colours available. Some of those colours are gold, rose gold, silver, blue, red, green purple & clear. And if that isn’t enough we can always order a unique colour for your specific project.

What is the typical size of a rack card?

Rack cards are typically 4”x9”, that size fits perfectly into slots that you would typically see at your popular tourist spots.

What is the preferred stock for this type of project?

The best most economical stock for this product is Pacesetter 100lb Satin Cover. It’s heavy enough to hold up to typical use but not over expensive.

Does it cost more to print on both sides of the sheet?

Yes it does cost more to print on both sides. Printing on both sides of a sheet uses twice the amount of consumables.