Flyers have been a go-to advertising tool for decades because they work! They're a tried and true marketing strategy that you can create in large quantities for less than other promotional printed material and still maintain high-quality colour.

Benefits & Options

  • Small runs/large runs
  • Cost effective, particularly for a wide reach
  • Glossy paper or uncoated paper
  • Black ink on coloured paper or coloured ink on coloured paper presents unique opportunities as your differentiator in a competitive marketplace

Paper Samples

Pacesetter Satin 100lb Cover

Pacesetter’s silk surface is ideal for optimal image reproduction and intense beats of colour and detail.
10% PCW

Sterling Silk 120lb Cover

Sterling® Premium Digital™ is the same legendary Sterling standard you know and trust for steadfast consistency, tried-and-true reliability on press and budget-friendly pricing.
10% PCW & FSC


What is smallest order size of flyers I can have produced?

We can produce a run of any quantity but your cost per unit will reduce as the quantity goes up.

Does it cost more to print on both sides of the sheet?

Yes it does cost more to print on both sides. Printing on both sides of a sheet uses twice the amount of consumables.